Do rats hibernate?

Rats are a nemesis of humanity, aren’t they? They are a little too bent upon claiming and modifying everything that belongs to us. Houses, warehouse, basements, you name it. If it were squirrels, people would become a little less concerned; they cute aren’t they. Rats are just plain ugly. Besides what good could keeping a family of rats does. They can easily gnaw and chew their way inside any part of your house they please. Poop all over the place and irritate you with all the squeaking and scratching noises. Then there’s also the huge number of diseases they bring to the house with them. So, you saw a rat in winter and freaked out. You were like, what is it doing outside, shouldn’t rats be in hibernation in winter?

No, they don’t?

Sorry, but you will be disappointed to hear that unlike many animals, rats do not hibernate at all in the winter. To them, winter is just another excuse. More reasons to take shelter in different and newer parts of your property, contaminate the water and take food pieces. It seems like this is one nuisance we won’t be relieved of. Kill one and two more appear.

New shelters found

In winter all rats even, the loner who spent nights in different places try to find a place safe, warm and secure from the wind, where they can rest whenever they want to for the whole winter. This means that the rats now have broadened their horizons. You might find rats hidden in the air filter of your car if it’s a bigger vehicle like a jeep even more so. The rats gnaw a small hole through the steel plate and use the air filter as a warm blanket and make a nest in it. Similarly, you will find dens near the shade of your house and in nesting in the shed. Winter means that it will be harder to find food and water now. This means that there is even more chance of you spotting a rat in winter.

Rat inspection

The most common and efficient way to tell that you have a rat infestation is to keep a lookout for their squeaking and scratching. You can also search the whole house and the vehicle for rat poop or damage; they are also strong evidence. The vehicle will need to be manually checked for damage and infestation.

Eliminate all rats

If you have found out that you indeed have a rat problem in the house, relocating or excluding is one the worst option. For rats, snap traps work the best. The rat population is fast expanding, reducing one or two wouldn’t affect it that much. Then close the holes, and damaged areas will steel sheets. The car filter will need to be replaced of course.

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