Hibernation of possums

Ever wondered why when you look out the window in winters, you don’t see wildlife? Several animals in winters hibernate like skunks, snakes, bees. Bats and bears are some famous examples. Animals go and hibernate for months in their nests and dens due to change in weather. These animals work hard all summer collecting food for winters to hibernate.

What hibernation is?

Animals respond to winters in various ways. They either migrate, adapt or hibernate. Hibernation has certain complications. It isn’t simply sleeping for months. During hibernation, animals go through changes. Their body temperature decreases, their breathing slows down, and their metabolic rate drops. Hibernation can be hard to get ready for. Finding a good place to sleep. Having food for a long period. Changes in day lengths and metabolism rates. Some animals go to hibernation while some do not.

Do possums go to hibernation?

Possums are nocturnal animals. This means that they stay awake at night and sleep during the day. Possums have very weak, and because of this, they might become prey during the day. Therefore possums prefer sleeping at night and staying awake during the day. They spend the entire night searching for food. Possums do not hibernate. Although they do not go into hibernation, their bodies slow down in winters.


Possums do not go to hibernation during the winters because they do not store food in the summers and do not have enough body fat to keep themselves warm during the cold.

Winter routine of possums

Since possums do not hibernate during the winters, what do they do? The natural insulation of possums is not enough to keep them warm through the cold nights of winters. Due to this reason, they have to look for alternatives to keep them warm. Their sharp teeth and strong claws help in digging holes and burrows in which they live in during cold winter nights. They hollow out trees and live inside them to keep themselves warm. During winters, possums slow down. Their greatest challenge in winters is to survive. Sometimes because of the extreme weather conditions, they oppose their natural habitat and come out in the day when it is less cold.

Problems caused by this

The biggest benefit of possums is that they eat pests and keep us safe from them. In winters when possums prefer not to come out because of cold, you could see an increase in the pest population. To get rid of this, it is better to contact pest control services near you or use pest control sprays or killers yourself.

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